Due to issues with cpremote and their discontination of monthly licences we have taken the decision to remove cpremote from all our servers.

We have changed our backup system to Jet Backup

24th Jun 2017
Gocardless Discontinued

Over the last few days we have noticed that Gocardless have taken double payments from our clients using them and them saying we requested 2 payments from them each time, yet on checking our system we only have ever requested 1 payment from them.Due to this and their lack of help in sorting the issues out we have decided to stop using Gocardless, ... Read More »

25th Apr 2017
Rewards Program

Due to a compatibilty issue with our rewards program, we have taken the steps to temporarily remove this from our system.

8th Mar 2017
Firefox and Chrome Now Warning About Insecure Login Pages

Warning about Insecure Login Pages is just the start… This week, Google Chrome 56 and Mozilla Firefox 51 were both released. These updates bring a new warning about insecure login pages, which appear prominently in the address bar. This is part of the industry-wide campaign to move away from HTTP, which is insecure, and leaves users’ online ... Read More »

27th Jan 2017
Backups policy & options

Clients are 100% responsible for the creation and storage of their own backups. Such backups should be made on a weekly basis at the very least. Backups will be required should the server experience any technical issue that requires the server to be re configured. We do a routine daily backup of all sites on our servers to an external ... Read More »

19th Jul 2010
e107 - No longer allowed on our server

With immediate effect Due to the recent reports on the CMS e107 (http://e107.org/news.php) of serious security holes within the script and the fact that this caused our recent forced server move e107 will NO longer be allowed to be hosted on any of our servers. if you need to use a CMS we recommend that you look all the versions available ... Read More »

19th Jul 2010
Warning re: phishing e-mail

Hi ALL We are contacting our customers to warn about a serious security risk being sent via email to people running websites. First of all, please ensure to never provide your login details for your account on any site that is not directly related to our services, which you can reach through our main site and through your login page (all details ... Read More »

10th Feb 2010

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